All Terrain Brain Project

All Terrain Brain (ATB) is a multimedia project designed to get 8-12 year old kids to take their brains “off road” and tap into their entrepreneurial spirits. The project's components: 25 short videos, the interactive ATB web site, and the Team ATB Activity Guide, help kids discover they have the power to do whatever they want in life.

This ATB Educators page is for teachers and group leaders like you. It's loaded with resources to help the kids you work with develop the critical- and creative-thinking skills they need to get excited about opportunities and take control of their futures. With brain-twisting group activities, singable animated videos, and a series of badge-collecting web experiences, ATB inspires kids to discover passions, think creatively, take responsibility, embrace change, persevere, set goals, solve problems and dream big.

The full 40-Page Guide in HTML and PDF formats

Posters, logos, ATB Bucks, Membership Cards and lots more!

A comprehensive list of ATB’s educational standards alignments